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Sunday Morning Worship Service Information

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    Each year around Mother's Day, we have a Parent Dedication. This is a time that allows parents and the church to declare their intent to point all children toward Christ. We will have a short time for the Parent Dedication in our worship services.

    At Buffalo, the following families participated in our parent dedication last Sunday.
    The first picture is the Sweeney family: Ryan, Destanie, and Arthur.
    The second picture is the Carpenter family: Ben, Corrie, Oliver (previously dedicated), and Arlo.


    At Cityview, the following families will be participating in the parent dedication this Sunday.
    The first pictures is the Booth family: Dakota, Anna, Harper, Tolan, and Makas.
    The second picture is the McKie family: Carter, Brett, (Rhys they have already done this with) and Beck.

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    summer tour

    Summer Tour
    Let's celebrate this summer together. We have some fun, church-wide, and family friendly events planned. All  are invited to these intergenerational events.

    June 12- Grillzilla
    Make plans to join us at our Buffalo Campus anytime from 5:30-7:00pm for our first Summer Tour event. This is a family-friendly, church-wide cook out! Hamburgers, hotdogs, the fixings, and drinks will be provided. Please bring a side-dish or a dessert to share.

    July 10- Summerview
    Join us at Paradise Acres for free popcorn and an outdoor movie! We'll gather at 7:30pm, but you can arrive earlier to play mini golf, later tag, or the many other family-friendly activities Paradise Acres has to offer! Prices for these activities are listed on their website -https://paradiseacres.fun/. Movie TBD and will begin at 8:30pm. Bring chairs and/or blankets to set on.

    July 24- Grillzilla
    Make plans to join us at our Buffalo Campus anytime from 5:30-7:00pm. This is a family- friendly, church-wide cook out! Hamburgers, hotdogs, the fixings, and drinks will be provided. Please bring a side-dish or a dessert to share.

    August 4- Church Picnic
    Join us at Rotary Park anytime from 4:30-7:30pm for our last Summer Tour event. We will meet in the large pavilion next to the splash pad. The splash pad and playground will be available for the kids to play on. A main dish and drinks will be provided. Please bring a side or dessert to share.


    Love Your Neighbor Resource Guide
    We covered so much ground during our spring semester. We all have room to grow and develop and embrace this call of discipleship and the command to love our neighbor as ourselves. We put together this resource guide with action steps, partner organizations, and contacts to give you some practical, tangible ways to love all different types of neighbors well. Your relationships matter and the way you love your neighbor may be the way they experience the love and grace of Jesus by seeing those elements in us.

    As a church we have strategically focused extra energy and investment with five partner organizations as part of our JCServe initiative. We have learned our impact can be greater when we focus it well. Those partners are Family Promise, South Side Elementary, Campus House at ETSU, Interyear Fellowship, and Appalachia Service Project.

    You can contact Katy Woodward for more information about any of these opportunities or organizations.

    Grandview Library - New Feature Book
    The Grandview Library is featuring the book The Making of Biblical Womanhood. Author and historian Beth Allison Barr claims that most ideas about "biblical womanhood" rose from a series of historical moments rather than scripture.

    Food Pantry
    In April, we helped approximately 17 people. Thank you to all who donated items for our food pantry.

    We will happily take any food donations you would like to give and share them with those in need. Donations can be put in the bin located in the coat closet at our Buffalo Campus.

    Our food pantry is open on Thursday mornings from 9:00-10:00. If you or someone you know is in need of food, come to our Buffalo Campus (300 University Parkway) or call the church office (928-7866).

    Life at Grandview Form
    Are you hoping to get better connected here at Grandview?
    Great community is vital in the life of the church, and we want to help you take an easy first step to get connected more deeply.
    Looking for a canopy? Want to learn more about one of our ministries? Hungry to find ways to serve or give back? Need to update your contact information?
    Click here and fill out the Life at Grandview Form. This link is also available on our Linktree (that QR code on your weekly bulletin at the Buffalo Campus), on our Church Center App, and on our social media platforms.

    Invitation Card

    Is there someone you’ve been wanting to invite to church, but you’re feeling shy about it?

    If so, we would love to help you. Drop by the information table and give us the first name of the person you would like to invite. We will print it on one of these invitation cards, and have it ready for you the following week. Meanwhile, the staff will pray for them.

    Then, once you have the invite card you can either give it to the person you would like to invite, or you can keep it as a reminder to invite the person.

    Nothing tells people they are welcome like a personal invitation.

    If you don’t have someone you’ve been wanting to invite to church, we want to encourage you to start thinking that way.

    Bingo Prizes Needed
    Our friends at Christian Assisted Living could use some bingo prizes. If anyone would like to donate some small inexpensive gifts (can be Dollar Tree items!) for the bingo games, It would be appreciated. Donations can be put in the container in the coatroom (near the Grandview Room) marked “Bingo Prize Donations”.



    Morning Worship Service
    Sunday, May 19
    Unfettered: Un-Finished
    Aaron Wymer
    First Reading: John 1:10-12
    Sermon Text: Acts 2:22b-24, 29-36



    Morning Worship Service
    Sunday, May 19
    Unfettered: Un-Finished
    Nathan Cachiaras
    First Reading: John 1:10-12
    Sermon Text: Acts 2:22b-24, 29-36

    Music During Worship Services
    We at Grandview love to hear the voices of our congregation during worship! If you would like to familiarize yourself with the songs we will sing before our time of corporate worship on Sunday, they are listed below.

    9:30 and 11
    Living Hope - Phil Wickham | Brian Johnson
    Give Us Clean Hands - Charlie Hall
    Christ is All - Matt Boswell | Matt Papa
    Abide With Me - Henry Francis Lyte | William Henry Monk

    10:00am Cityview Campus Service
    In order to help us know one another and to simplify volunteer rotations this summer, our Cityview Campus will gather for one service on Sunday mornings starting on May 26th. We'll meet at 10:00 am on Sundays for the summer and then re-evaluate what works best at the end of the summer. Volunteer teams are receiving more detailed communication about kids, setup, band, and more. Let Nathan know if you have any questions.


    Playing flute at Milligan

    During the month of May 2024, we are emphasizing the ministry of Abigail Haagen, new to the mission field, not new to Grandview. This week we asked her to provide some specifics about her work in Mexico City. What were the specifics of her mission, and what would her average day look like.

    CMF’s mission is to create dynamic Christ-centered communities that transform the world. The Marketplace Ministries team in Mexico City does this by training and discipling local entrepreneurs to develop Kingdom businesses. When entrepreneurs grow their businesses, they are able to provide for themselves and their families, generate wealth in their communities, disciple by example, and create new jobs so their neighbors can provide for themselves and their families! By serving the marketplace and entrepreneurs, we also have a unique opportunity to evangelize to people who might not encounter Christ otherwise.

    And it’s effective! According to our partner organization, Sinapis:
    • Alumni experience an average revenue growth of 138% in their first year after graduation.
    • 6,593 new jobs have been created by Sinapis graduates.
    • 72% of graduates actively integrate faith into their business.
    • 59% of graduates report new followers of Christ through their business.

    I will not be one of the people teaching the classes, because we hire teachers who are native to Mexico and its business climate to do so. Instead, I will be helping run the academy itself. This could mean handling finances, planning events, managing social media, connecting with alumni, networking with new students, and much more. The team says every day is different; one day it could be hosting a networking event at a local church, and the next it’s running copies for students. Every day brings new excitement!

    My first term will be for fifteen months, and then the team and I will pray and decide if God is calling me to extend my term in Mexico, or if He is calling me elsewhere.

    Instruction with Mexico Team
    Abigail and family

    Learn More About our Missions Ministry Team
    Grandview's Missions Ministry Team facilitates on-going relationships between our Grandview family and the missionaries/missions that we support as well as emphasizing the importance of missions in general. We host missionaries, plan events, learn about our mission partners, manage the Vision Fund (see below), oversee the Grandview Missions budget, and pray for God’s work around the world. New team members are welcome. Many opportunities for service are available. Please email Julie Burks (2023 team leader) for more information about joining the team, to request long-term or short-term support, or to receive a current mailing list of our missionaries so that you can send cards and/or packages to them.

    Click here for a list of all of our Missions and Missionaries that we are currently supporting.


    Youth Calendar
    All 7th -12th graders are invited to be a part of our youth ministry. Youth Calendar is available at the information tables at each campus or online here: www.grandviewchristian.org/youthcalendar Check out the calendar for dates for Youth Worship, Youth Canopies, and other events.  


    Kids' Camp - Sunday School
    Click here to to see what we will be learning about this Sunday! Our Kids' Camp is for kids birth-6th grade. Join us at 9:30 or 11:00am at our Buffalo Campus or at 9:30 at our Cityview Campus.


    Canopy Leader Feedback:
    We hope this semester that your group has grown together in depth, in faith, and in your passion to love your neighbor in the way Jesus modeled for us. If you lead one of our canopies, we would deeply appreciate it if you would complete this semester’s google form to share feedback about your group’s experience. You can access that form here: https://forms.gle/eXucKzvguxxVZzxM8<https://linkprotect.cudasvc.com/url?a=https%3a%2f%2fforms.gle%2feXucKzvguxxVZzxM8&c=E,1,ghfh2dK59kb2Iw4qY4mbydIt4kU8ME7XF_4UgiL0PBR6KGA1CyHlDgIhyV8bTSch9Eu3olwQKHGTi0mlBGgeRqrbNcnNQhYgKyHHBG_DjA,,&typo=1>

    If you’d like to talk more, or would like to get connected with a canopy, contact Katy Woodward.

    What is a Canopy?
    In an amazing natural phenomenon called “canopy shyness,” trees in some forests grow in patterns that allow light to permeate the forest below. The whole forest can be healthy and grow together by keeping space in the canopy. This is the idea behind Canopy at Grandview.

    Our Canopies are small groups who come together once a week, every other week, or once a month. Whatever your fancy, there is a Canopy group for you. Let us help you get connected into an existing Canopy or help you start a new one. For more information, contact Katy Woodward.

    Canopy Groups
    Here is a list of Canopy Groups.  If you would like to join a canopy or get more information about our canopies, fill out our Life at Grandview Form.

    Crew465 Canopy
    Here at Grandview, our 4th - 6th grade students are part of a group called Crew456. We invite all Crew456'ers to join us on Sunday evenings from 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm for a time of study and fellowship! We meet at our Buffalo Campus. For more information about Crew456, contact Leah Short.

    Youth Canopies 
    All 7th - 12th grade students are invited to join us! We meet at our Buffalo Campus on Sunday evenings from 5:00pm - 7:30pm. We divide up by age and gender and our small groups are led by an intergenerational team of adults in our church. For more information, contact Joy Eden. Check out  the calendar in the "Youth" section of this newsletter.

    College Age Canopy 
    Grandview's College Age Canopy meets at the Interyear House weekly on Sundays for a combination of service, faith conversations, and fun. Follow us on Instagram @grandviewcollegeage for updates and info!

    Calling Group
    This group serves Grandview’s shut-ins, those in the hospital, and those in need of pastoral care. They meet at our Buffalo Campus each Tuesday morning at 9:45am. This is a great way to meet new people and care for others.

    Women's Bible Study
    This group meets at our Buffalo Campus in the Virginia Street Room on Tuesday afternoons at 2pm. All women are welcome to join them.

    Widows Might
    All widows are invited to participate in this canopy. They meet once a month usually for an activity, lunch, and fellowship. For more information, contact the church office.
    Looking Ahead:

    • May 20: 11:30 at Willow Springs Park. Bring your own lunch. Afterwards, we will head to Family Promise to help out in the thrift store (hanging clothes, organizing, or whatever help they are needing). Bring a chair and sunglasses, we will most likely be sorting things outside.

    Faith in Living - Adult Sunday School Class
    The Faith in Living class meets at 10:45 am in the Grandview Room at the Buffalo Campus. All are welcome to join them!
    Four Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know - Dr. J. Lee Magness
    April 28 - SHEMA - "Hear, O Israel"
    May 5 - HESED - "For I desire Mercy"
    May 19 - BERITH - "God who keeps Covenant"
    May 26 - SHALOM - "And give you Peace"

    Highlights from the Psalms (51-100)
    June 2 - "Have Mercy on Me, O God" - Psalm 51:1-19 - David Chapman
    June 9 - "Fools Say There Is No God" - Psalm 53:1-6 - Phyllis Fox
    June 16 - "Lead Me to the Rock" - Psalm 61:1-8 - David Roberts
    June 23 - "O God, My Soul Thirsts for You" - Psalm 63:1-11 - Doug Fox
    June 30 - "Make a Joyful Noise to God" - Psalm 66:1-20 - David Chapman

    S.A.L.T. Class - Adult Sunday School Class
    All are welcome to join them at 9:30 am in the Virginia Street Room.
    May, -  the class is studying Restoration leaders and documents led by David Siebenaler and Dennis Helsabeck.
    June - the class is being taught by Ron Kastens. He will be teaching about encounters with Jesus.
    July - Pat Magness will be teaching on the topic - prayers in the bible
    August - Rich Aubrey will be teaching on the topic - misunderstood bible words

    Church and Community - Adult Sunday School Class
    All are welcome to join them at 9:30 am in the Stone-Campbell Room. This class studies books of the Bible.


    Morning Prayer - Weekdays at 7am
    Join us online each weekday morning for Morning Prayer. We are live at 7am on our Grandview Facebook page or you can watch at your convenience anytime.

    Prayer and Care
    We have an online prayer chain to help us pray for the needs of Grandview's members, attenders, and those who are connected to them. If you are not already part of this group and would like to participate, contact the church office (call: 928-7866 or email: office@grandviewchristian.org).

    Prayer List: This week we are in prayer for . . .
    Sara Alvey (niece of Cathy Parris - multiple health issues)
    Samuel Arnold (ongoing health issues)
    Dianna Breeden (Beth Kilgore's mom, Guillain-Barre syndrome)
    Willy Buckner (ongoing health issues)
    Shelley Coonan (Rebecca Lockridge's aunt - cancer)
    Vickie Emery (friend of Lucy and Dick Phillips - cancer)
    Alex Garrison (Guillain-Barre Syndrome)
    Steve Garrison (blood clots)
    Treavor Hayes (ongoing health issues)
    Don & Connie Humston (friends of Carol Garrison - Don has dementia & Parkinson's)
    Matthew Ledford (auto accident)
    Rolando McAdam (Gary and Debbie Boone's daughter's father-in-law, chemo for colon and stage 4 lung cancer)
    Karen Mustain (friend of Carol Garrison - breast cancer)
    Lee Nakoff (Keith's step-mother - needs back surgery and heart issues)
    Jerry Passin (healing after broken surgery)
    Lexanne Redman (friend of Candice Yates - stroke, seizure, and possible cancer)
    Rich Spurgin (ongoing health issues)
    Karen Voke (healing after hip surgery)
    Jim Wise (ongoing health issues)

    Those needing the gospel

    Family/Friends in Military
    James Dollard
    Chris Smith
    Dustin Horton
    Ian Frazier
    Jonathan Spitznas

    If you would like to place your own or another name on this weekly prayer list, you may call the church office (928-7866) or talk to one of the ministry staff. Names will remain on the list for 4 weeks unless a request is made that they remain on the prayer list.


    For those who want to listen to Grandview sermons on the go, they're now available as podcasts--one for the Buffalo Campus and one for the Cityview Campus. Check them out! New sermons will be added every Wednesday.
    You can find the podcasts on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and a variety of other outlets. If you can't access them on your podcast app of choice, please let the church office know.
    Buffalo Sermons
    Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/yy86lx4s
    iTunes: https://tinyurl.com/yyq3jvso
    Google Play: https://tinyurl.com/y5paj45x

    Cityview Sermons
    Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/y3lj35f2
    iTunes: https://tinyurl.com/y65k6alw
    Google Play: https://tinyurl.com/y59xz6s2


    We are excited to share with you the following ways to give. If you have any questions, you can contact the church office or our Treasurer - Brandon Rogers.

    Use the Church Center App: Download from Google Play or Apple App Store. (Links at https://churchcenter.com) At bottom of screen, click the Give button. Give to your choice of funds, as one-time gifts, or schedule recurring gifts, using a debit/credit card or directly from your bank account (ACH). If you want to “split” your gift between two or more funds, you will need to Give Online or Text-To-Give (See next two items below)

    Give Online (Church Center): Go to https://grandviewchristian.churchcenter.com/giving. This is the same Church Center App but viewed online as a webpage. You can give in the same ways described above. And here you can split your gift between two or more funds, easily.

    Text-To-Give (Church Center): Text the “$” dollar amount you want to give to “84321” and you will get a reply text link to Church Center’s web page allowing you to give in the same ways described above. Give to a specific fund, or split funds in your text message. (For example, to give $40 Total by giving $10 to each online fund, you would text “$10 Buffalo $10 Cityview $10 Unreachable $10 Partnership”) You can use the “bolded” words as shown in the example for the funds, or else you will have to type the full fund names as shown below.

    Available Funds for Online Electronic Giving:
    General-Fund-Buffalo - For discretional spending for Buffalo Campus, per budget. Used where needed most.

    General-Fund-Cityview  - For discretional spending for Cityview Campus, per budget. Used where needed most.

    Unreachable-Capital-Campaign - Established to pay off Church Mortgage, launching Cityview, and other improvements.

    Partnership-Fund - Separate Fund for privately and confidentially helping members and others in need.

    If you need help with anything above, or want to give electronically to a fund not listed above, or if you want to give electronically in memory of a member who as passed away, please contact the Church Treasurer, Brandon Rogers, for assistance at treasurer@grandviewchristian.org.

    FREE Electronic ACH Giving / Covering Credit Card Costs (Optional): In the past, members asked to “voluntarily” cover credit card gift costs which was hard to do as costs were variable. Now, costs are lower & fixed, so you can easily elect to cover those costs just by checking a box when giving. Totally Optional! If you do so, the extra amount is added to your gift. The net gift amount appears on all receipts & statements.
    ***Checking account (ACH) gifts are essentially FREE to Grandview***The actual cost paid is $0.30 cents per gift (less than a postage stamp), and you can optionally cover that cost if you wish. If you do not, a donor has pledged to cover, on behalf of Grandview, all the $0.30 cent fees for any ACH gifts on Church Center. The anonymous donor wants all electronic Church Center checking account (ACH) giving to be free to both Grandview and you!

    Church Center / Deductible Giving only / Receipts: All Church Center electronic giving is for gifts only. You may pay electronically for any non-tax-deductible payments for Two4Two, Youth trips, or Children’s events, as part of the registration process for those events. A donation receipt is automatically emailed when your gift is processed (even cash or checks.) You can toggle that receipt feature on and off in the app (or online). If you need any assistance with any of the above, please contact the Treasurer.

    Cash and Checks are always welcome in the offering plate/giving boxes. You can split your gift between funds with a memo field note, or with separate checks, whichever you personally prefer.

    Important notes: When writing a check to the Capital Campaign, please write “Unreachable” or “Campaign” in the memo field. If you write “Cityview” in the memo, your gift will be allocated to the Cityview General Fund. All checks should be payable to “Grandview Christian Church,” not payable to any fund or campus. Please do not mail cash anywhere! And do not mail checks to the Treasurer’s home address or any other staff member’s home address.

    If you desire to mail a check, please mail to:
    Grandview Christian Church
    Attention: Brandon Rogers
    300 University Parkway
    Johnson City, TN 37604


    Feel free to contact the church office at 928-7866 or
    office@grandviewchristian.org if you have any questions or concerns you would like to share with us. You can also reach out to our staff members directly by emailing to their first name followed by @grandviewchristian.org.
    Buffalo Campus
    Aaron Wymer, Senior Minister
    Heather Lawson, Executive Minister
    Brett Hyder, Worship Minister
    Cody Mudrack, Livestream Technician
    Katy Woodward, Discipleship Minister
    Leah Short - Children's Minister
    Joy Eden, Youth and College Minister
    Noah DeLong, Choir Director
    Brenda Money, Office Administrator
    Brent Nipper, Business Administrator
    Cityview Campus
    Nathan Cachiaras, Campus Minister
    Joy Eden, Youth and College Minister
    Evan Magness, Worship Minister
    Luke Floyd, Worship Minister
    Molly Dines, Children's Minister
    Patrick Prodger
    Jacob Wickerham

    2024 Elders
    Phyllis Fox (Elder Liaison for Connections at Buffalo)
    Theresa Garbe (Elder Liaison for Missions)
    Tim Bomgardner (Elder Liaison for Property)
    David Chapman (Elder Liaison for Partnership Fund)
    Jane Allman (Elder Liaison for Connections at Cityview)
    Brent Nipper (Elder Liaison for Staff Relations & Safety at Buffalo)
    Buddy Swain (Elder Liaison for Fellowship)
    Mike Sweeney (Elder Chair)

    2024 Ministry Team Leaders
    Becky Allsop - Partnership Fund
    Julie Burkes  - Missions
    Craig Hardy - Property
    Jeff Keeling  - Connections at our Cityview Campus
    Kristen Mudrack - Discipleship
    Brent Nipper - Safety Team
    Melissa Reading - Fellowship
    Cindy Schade - Connections at our Buffalo Campus
    Beth Bartchy-Smith - Staff Relations
    Cindy Wymer - Connections at our Buffalo Campus

    Brandon Rogers - Treasurer
    Daniel Swain - Assistant Treasurer

    2024 Trustees
    Neal Voke
    Jerry Banner
    Scott Dines