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For many, Jesus was a prophet. A teacher. A leader.

For us, he is all of those things and more.

For us (and really, all Christians) Jesus is those things, but he is also more. He is the answer to a problem as old as the world itself: How can the broken things of the world be made whole again?

The stories of the Bible help us to understand the world as we know it. It is a place of beauty and tragedy. Life and death. A place that is inherently good because it was made by a good and loving God, but one that also falls short of God’s own goodness. The Bible calls that falling short "sin."

Sin isn’t limited to the things we do that we shouldn’t. It’s also the corruption of the good things God made for us. It’s why our relationships fracture, why we lie to one another, why we feel far from God, why we use one another to our own ends, and even why we die. Sin separates us from God.

Jesus is God’s way of repairing that brokenness. God became one of us—lived and died as one of us. That’s who Jesus really is: Jesus is God come to make the world as it ought to be. Because he lived a life free from sin, the grave couldn’t hold him. He arose from dead, promising that those who follow him would do the same and that God’s presence, called the Holy Spirit, would guide us in the meantime.

In Jesus, God made a way for the world to be whole and right and well, and for us to be close to God again. The promise and meaning and hope is offered to all of us as a gift. All we have to do is believe that Jesus makes that possible and become one of his followers.
You can also hear more about Jesus by visiting Grandview on a Sunday morning. We would love to have you with us!

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