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Canopies are our name for small groups.  These create more intimate gatherings for people to connect and share their lives with other members of the Grandview community. See if there is a canopy for you!

Canopy Groups

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In an amazing natural phenomenon called “canopy shyness,” trees in some forests grow in patterns that allow light to permeate the forest below. The whole forest can be healthy and grow together even though the individual canopies are spread out. This is the idea behind Canopy Groups at Grandview. Canopy Groups are how we gather together in small groups while also being connected to the larger family at Grandview. The goal of Canopy Groups are to gather people together from different places. We have groups for all ages!

Some Canopy Groups are Sunday School classes that have been meeting for decades. Other Canopy Groups meet once a week, while some meet every other week - and a few just meet once a month! Some Canopy Groups “do” things together, some just sit and visit, some study the Bible, some meet in their neighborhoods, and some find still other ways to share time together. Whatever you're looking for, there is a Canopy group for you or space to start one!

Allman Canopy

This group meets on Sundays at 6pm at Roger and Jane Allman’s home. They are currently doing the Fall Focus study. All are welcome to join them.

Calling Group Canopy

This group serves Grandview’s shut-ins, those in the hospital, and those in need of pastoral care. They meet at our Buffalo Campus each Tuesday morning at 9:45am. This is a great way to meet new people and care for others.

Church and Community – Adult Sunday School Class

All are welcome to join them at 9:30 am in the Stone-Campbell Room. This class studies books of the Bible.

College Age Canopy

Grandview’s College Age Canopy meets at the Interyear House weekly on Sundays for a combination of service, faith conversations, and fun.

Crew465 Canopy

Fourth-Sixth grade students are part of a children’s ministry group called Crew456. Crew 456 meets at our Buffalo Campus.

Faith and Living

This large and intergenerational class prays for one another and studies various topics and books of the Bible.

Five+ Families

This is a group of family friends who meet on Friday evenings for fellowship. They gather to eat, hang out and enjoy each other’s friendship.

S.A.L.T. Class

This long-standing Sunday School class features a rotating list of teachers who present and lead discussions on a wide variety of topics. Subjects vary from month to month, but all are welcome to join in on the conversation.

Sustainability Canopy

Visit the Doan flower and cattle farm in Blountville to connect with others and learn about local sustainable farming and other practices. They meet on the second and fourth Monday at the Doan farm.

Tree Streets Potluck

This group of neighbors meets in the heart of Johnson City to share good food and good times. They aim to provide opportunities for conversation and relationship building for people at Grandview and our neighbors.

Welcome To Grandview

This class is for those new to Grandview or curious about who we are, where we’ve been, where we’re going, and how you can get involved. This single-session, one-hour class offers a starting place to join the Grandview family.

Widow’s Might Canopy

All widows are invited to participate in this canopy. They meet once a month usually for an activity, lunch, and fellowship.

Women’s Bible Study

This group of ladies gathers to study the Bible, pray together, and stay connected to one another.

Youth Canopies

All 7th – 12th grade students are invited to join us! We meet at our Buffalo Campus on Sunday evenings from 5:00pm – 7:30pm. We divide up by age and gender and our small groups are led by an intergenerational team of adults in our church.

Contact Us

Contact the Buffalo Campus office at (423) 928-7866 or send us a message about life at Grandview. We look forward to hearing from you!