Kids will be utilizing the entire ground floor on Sunday mornings

  • Adult and youth Sunday schools will continue. There is a plan that outlines where each existing class will meet.
  • The youth will still use the Core and other downstairs areas on Wednesdays.


Kids worship changes

  • Worship for grades K-3 will take place during the 11:00 hour instead of at 9:30. K-3 Sunday school will take place at 9:30.
  • We will be kicking off a new Crew456 Worship service that will take place at 9:30.

    • Ian and Kristy Lundholm are Team Leaders for this service. They are working with staff to design this service and actively recruiting volunteers to make it happen.
    • This worship service is designed specifically for our 456ers.
    • Mirrors what happens upstairs but a safe place to explore questions and learn about WHY we do things the way we do.
    • As we grow, kids will be given leadership roles in the service.
    • Once a quarter, 456ers will join their families upstairs in adult worship.
  • All Kids worship services will take place in the Core.


More space for preschool

  • These changes will allow us to accommodate growing class sizes and to promote preschoolers when they age up instead of waiting for the school year to begin.
  • Some classrooms may change


Greeting and Security

  • Children’s greeting will be moved to the lower lobby.
  • At specific times, the lobby doors will be locked to help keep our kiddo safe.
  • Other doors and locks are being installed to secure the lower floor.