What is the denomination of the church?

Technically speaking, we’re not part of a denomination. We take seriously what Jesus said about his followers being one with him, so we understand all Christians to be part of the one Church. At the same time we recognize that there are different doctrines and practices among Christians. So we seek to be a unity movement within the one Church. We are therefore linked with other Christian churches as a mutual effort for that purpose. We affiliate with Christian churches/churches of Christ as a Christian movement that has produced over 5,500 congregations in the United States alone. These churches cooperate with each other to send missionaries (over 1000 worldwide), to fund Christian colleges (33 in the U.S.), fund campus ministries (75 in the U.S.), and to fund homes for children or retired persons (118). We do other things together, but we have no headquarters, and no hierarchy.

The Christian churches have a World Convention every four years. We also gather each summer at the North American Christian Convention. Here in this area we are pleased to participate in the East Tennessee Christian Convention each Fall. These conventions are strictly for fellowship, worship, and teaching; there are no political agendas or voting involved.

Each Christian church congregation is responsible for its own finances, missionary support, and community involvement.

What do I wear to worship?

We want worship to focus on God. That means it’s not about your clothes. Some people dress up more than others. Some people wear suits or dresses, others wear jeans. Probably most people wear things that fit into the business casual category.

How do I choose a Sunday School class?

We have a variety of adult classes in addition to classes and groups for children and youth. Some classes study the Bible directly; others focus on discussions of how to live a Christian life. You are welcome to email or call the church and give us an idea of who you are and what kind of class would be most helpful. A real human being will then suggest classes you might enjoy visiting. Also, you can visit our Sunday school page to get a feel for the variety of offering.

Do you teach the Bible?

The Bible is our authority and the foundation of our teaching. We believe the best way to know the mind of God is to study the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The Bible is our sure guide to understanding who Jesus is and what his life means. Yes. We teach the Bible and it’s our only written authority.

Are all people really welcome?

All are welcome. We believe that God invites all people to become followers of Christ, even though we’re all sinners. The proper response to God’s grace is to seek to be transformed into the image of Christ as we celebrate God’s kindness.

Yes, all are welcome—but expect to be challenged to grow ever more faithful.

Why do you celebrate communion every week?

The Bible gives us a glimpse into the life of the people who first made up the church. Those first Christians gathered together on the first day of the week (Sunday) for the breaking of bread (Acts 20:7). We just want to be like THAT.

Where do my kids go when I get there?

The children’s ministry at Grandview works very hard to ensure a safe environment of Christian nurture. On the downstairs level you will see Grand Central Station. When you arrive you will check your children into Grand Central Station where they will be welcomed and invited to participate in worship and learning. Or, if you prefer, they can stay by your side.

Children in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade are invited to be a part of Crew456 as they learn and serve together.

How does Grandview practice baptism?

We practice the baptism taught and practiced in the scriptures, which is by the immersion of a penitent believer as a participation in Christ’s own death, burial, and resurrection. We love Christians who practice baptism in other ways, but we defer to scripture’s witness on the method and means of baptism by getting you soaking wet (don’t worry, we supply robes and towels).

What do I need to do to join?

At regular intervals we offer the “Welcome to Grandview” class. This class is just over an hour long and answers basic questions about who we are and what we expect of members.

It’s generally good to know that for membership at Grandview we ask that you have been baptized by immersion. If you have been immersed and would like to join we simply ask you to repeat the basic confession that Peter made to Jesus. It’s the confession we find in Matthew 16:16 (Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.)

How do I figure out where I can serve?

There are so many areas of service available that it can be a little overwhelming to consider where you might fit. We want to help you find your area of service inside the community and outside the community as we serve one another and as we serve greater Johnson City.

How do I know if church is canceled because of weather conditions?

On Sunday mornings we try really hard to keep the church open. If we cancel, we let people know through this website and through social media.